PWD Brands
PWD Brands worldwide
Hardware Poppers Hardware Liquid Aroma

Captivate your senses with the world's most powerful aroma! Hardware is the only brand ever proclaimed "Purest-Best" by the press.
Quicksilver Poppers Quicksilver Liquid Aroma

Specially formulated in 1979, Quicksilver is a faster, more intense aroma whith a special fragrance and giving a special effect. Millions of bottles have been sold around the world, making it one of the most popular brands ever developed. Ask the older guys and they will confirm you the Quicksilver as a well known, but smoother brand then the rest.
Ram Poppers Ram Liquid Aroma

After more than twenty years, this extra strong formula is one of the best sellers ever! Millions of bottles of Ram have been sold all around the world. Pure and powerful. Look for Ram in the popular "Green Bottle".
Rush Poppers Rush Poppers

With tons of millions sold, Rush is the number one selling liquid incense in the world! Every day, around the world, over 25,000 people buy a bottle of genuine Rush. Have you tried it yet?

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