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After Rush Poppers has been launched on the market thirty years ago, the liquidscent did grow very fast to a track record. His brand is today one of the worlds common symbol for the enjoyment of the loving. The famous formula from Rush Poppers who brought billions of lovers to bloom over all the years has never been changed. 1981 PWD made this brilliant inventions of the Power-Pak Pellet, who keeps every bottle as fresh as on his first day. Together this unique qualities made the base for the continuous presence and pupularity from Rush Poppers as the best product of his kind worldwide.

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With a billion saled bottles is Rush one of the common liquidscent worldwide.
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RUSH Poppers 5x RUSH Poppers 10x RUSH Poppers RUSH BOX
9 ml
45 ml (5x 9 ml)
90 ml (10x 9 ml)
162 ml (18x 9 ml)

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